INDI in to digital. Thru customer experience.
Our mission is to digitalize customer experience through effective operational processes.
Digital customer relationship is a new, modern approach to what was previously called sales. The almost unlimited choice of the client’s options for the problem solving, convenient tools for finding products and services have completely changed the modern market. Amazon, Booking, AliExpress, Google and many other platforms allow the customer to find a solution in minutes.
«The digitalization of chaos leads to the digitalized chaos»
Only prepared business processes with a deep understanding of the company principles and the target automation system can become the basis of true digitalization.
We believe that there is no other reason for automation than the development of customer experience through operational efficiency. This is the only way to business success.
Customer Experience Analysis
Description of business processes
Business processes transformation
Prototype formation
Creating a digital company management system
Personnel training
Care and support
What makes us different?
We possess the expertise in managing client experience, a deep understanding of business processes and the role of employees in the success of the company. This combination allows us to digitalize your business.
Customer experience
The time of monopolies has passed. Only an understanding of the client and continuous improvement of the relationship with him will become the key to the company's prosperity. Effective digitalization is the only way to zoom in on complex modern customer experiences. We call it Digital Customer Experience.
Operational efficiency
With the digitalization of business processes, operational effectiveness transforms into digital efficiency.
The only way to do this is to deeply evaluate the customer experience. While understanding clearly that company employees are also our customers. The experience of each of them is important in business automation and only teamwork can become the key to our growth. We focus on the interaction of the entire team for the successful project implementation.
«I know that I know nothing»
Only openness and the constant search for new opportunities at the junction of technology, operational efficiency and customer experience will allow us to create new products and solutions.
Operational processes are a business card of our company and only they determine how effectively we can develop in the modern world.
Our expertise
INDI VISION offers expertise gained as a result of many years of experience in companies such as Samsung, Cisco, IBM, Telenor, Turkcell (GlobalBilgi), PwC and our partners expertise for the implementation of complex automation systems. Our solutions are based on behavioral models and careful optimization of business processes through the involvement of personnel.

In addition to modern automation from Microsoft, this allows our customers to receive a powerful effect due to targeted staff training.

We use our own sales expertise (IBM, Global Sales school Austria), and experience in organizing company work and managing customer interactions with Turkcell Global Bilgi, change implementation technologies that we developed with our partner Opinno, (Spain, Madrid).