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We completely transferred the business from Bitrix 24 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 20 hours
During the first month of working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the SmartTech team gave feedback that the new CRM is much more convenient and functional than the previous one.

You know that modern customers want to see not only functional and reliable solutions, but also aesthetic and attractive ones. They want to feel comfortable and confident when communicating with your business. They want to be impressed by your design and amazed by your analytics.

But how do you achieve this balance between beauty and intelligence? How do you create a website that is both beautiful and user-friendly for customers and efficient and productive for employees?

Optimizing company’s performance by measuring NPS through the use of Power Automate RPA and the Modern WorkPlace application.  According to the results of the system, within 3 months it was possible to form key points of interaction with clients and understand the strategy of further interaction. 

Employees independently completed more than $50,000 worth of automation in just six months. And the interesting thing is that they handled the company’s calls better than external developers, because only the employees know their business processes perfectly.

The combination of two leading solutions in their fields, Microsoft Office 365 and GDT, improved the work of the client team, allowed generating new meanings for end clients. As a result, they received not only classic tools, but also ready-made IT productivity management practices right in their IT ecosystems.