How we launched the online course with partners EBRD and Microsoft!

Why is this project important? It was created to help Ukrainian businesses close the digital divide. It shows real-life examples of how cloud applications can be used in business. How to migrate to the cloud quickly and effortlessly. What cybersecurity is and how to protect your company from intruders. 

There were five practical webinars where we showed how to quickly set up advertising, how to create a website on the wix platform. How cloud-based applications are used in social business, medicine, manufacturing, and in general, what business processes are and how to automate them.

All webinars are available on our YouTube channel. 

And now a little bit about the project implementation.

A course for entrepreneurs called Digital Gap Elimination. 

Supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Ministry of Transformation of Ukraine.

Development of a curriculum for nine webinars with experts on the peculiarities of using the cloud and the application of cloud services in various professional fields.

How we moved forward:

* Creating a Lending page with basic information about webinars and experts.

* Creating and implementing a content plan for social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

* Setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.


* Reached users – 189,940

* Number of webinar registrations – 2631

* 57,723 views of videos on Youtube


My name is Maria and I am a co-owner of a small business. We run an online clothing store of our own production. We have long been faced with the problem of scaling, but did not know which way to approach it. After a series of webinars, it became clear to us where to start. For us, it is the implementation of CRM and the prescription of clear business processes. Special thanks for the cybersecurity webinar.


I joined the series of webinars because I was interested in hearing about experience in the social sphere and had no idea how useful this broadcast would be for me. It was also useful to learn how you can customize your personal practice with the help of digitalization. Now I’m just at the start, but there are already visible results. I started to spend three times less time on administrative issues and this has increased my ability to see more patients per month. Thank you.


My name is Ekaterina and I’m very grateful for the webinar on marketing. This topic used to be a nightmare for me, but after the webinar, which clearly explained what to do and why, it became easier to understand. The experts’ answers were helpful and helped me come to the conclusion that it is better to hire a specialist than to try to figure it out myself. This improved the business in general and increased my presence in those tasks that only I can perform. Conclusion: everyone needs to do their own thing, and trying to save money on specialists only leads to more expenses.

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