Anti Covid’19. Charity​

Anti Covid’19. Charity​

How do you organize your business processes and training to work remotely during quarantine?

You know how it is: when there is a global crisis, apart from natural worries, there is a desire to help those around you?

At the time when COVID just started to appear and the first quarantine was introduced in our country, everyone around us was in shock. We tried to help in any way we could: from classical volunteering, to helping automate the Okhmatdet NSPP, to supporting “covid” hospitals.

We discovered that Microsoft has released a 180-day pandemic package for free use of office tools for remote work. In our opinion, this is something that would help an incredible number of our Ukrainian businesses, organizations, hospitals, schools to work very differently, survive, learn, treat people and do many other things.

Together with Microsoft, we prepared a cloud adoption program for potential users, and with the kind support of Obozrevatel and others, we prepared a series of webinars to help people understand how to do their work remotely.

Many people joined the initiative!


Why we like to volunteer.

As a regular technology business, we and our team are very aware of how important it is to create something new and help others.

That’s why over the years we have regularly helped countless different organizations. We have decided for ourselves that we will spend 25% of our working time helping those in need: charitable foundations, educational organizations, medical institutions, and simply individual businesses.

Of course, for us, as Ukrainians, our highest priority was to help Ukraine during the war. We implemented dozens of educational systems for universities, colleges and schools. We once automated the process of remote medical consultations for a children’s medical center. And so much more.

But this initiative is one of the oldest, and its goal was to help small businesses overcome the challenges that covid’19 brought to our world.

We ran a series of trainings for small businesses on how to transform quickly with digital tools. And you know, nothing inspires like real feedback from real customers.

We still remember a small coffee shop that almost stopped operating and nearly went bankrupt due to the constraints caused by Covid’19. But thanks to automation, they were able to attract even more customers than before. Now they continue to deliver coffee and goodies to their customers. This solution wasn’t unique technologically, but we are proud that we were able to help those who needed that help the most.


Contact us if you know of others who need help. Anti Covid’19. Charity​

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