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How our client implemented CRM and got 300% sales growth.

Sounds like a dream come true for any business, right? But how realistic is it? Such cases are very rare and possible only when the whole client team, the automation group and the sales experts in the project team work together. On average, the result you can expect is up to 30%, maximum up to 50% sales growth, and that’s if you had systemic failures in organizing the sales chain. In fact, CRM and business process optimization allow you to simply be more efficient and perform existing tasks much faster: on average – up to 30% without changing the approach and some Xs if we radically changed the business processes. For example, we started using a self-service portal for customers instead of classic direct orders. Nevertheless, we want to tell you about one such case that allowed the company to grow sales on a mature market by three times and share why it was possible.

First of all, it was a very good level of interaction with the project team from the customer side. The key element of success was the involvement of employees who directly performed sales functions in automation. They not only brought invaluable experience, but also helped us to test several hypotheses and optimize business processes in real time. The second important element was the ability of the integrator to immerse themselves in the business processes and offer hypotheses for their improvement, as well as provide assistance in testing these hypotheses so that the whole team believed directly in the success of this event.

In the process of implementation, we did several simple things: we analyzed the business processes in detail and involved experts to improve these business processes and close the main gaps in the functionality of the sales department. Then we proceeded to implement the latest technologies in sales, based on behavioral models and allowing us to use the successful experience of the company for all its years of work. A special benefit and value in implementing the project was the personal involvement of the general director, whose leadership skills allowed him to lead the team towards the necessary transformation. We also paid attention to ensuring that sales experts and business process optimization experts were involved at all stages of automation and actually became internal customers who supported the system’s work. The core of automation was the so-called approach “decision making based on data”, which helped us successfully implement the case and work with regard to the strengths of the sales team.

It would be too optimistic to say that everything went without any problems. Thanks to the involvement of all services of the organization from IT to top management, we were able to eliminate all problems as quickly as possible and this allowed us to avoid failures associated with gaps in business processes or imperfections of automation systems.

If we derive a formula for success that allows us to increase revenue so massively, we would highlight three criteria:

  1. data-driven management.
  2. involvement of staff at all levels of the automation process.
  3. high level of awareness of specialists conducting integration about nuances of customer’s business processes. And voila – your sales have grown by three times!

We hope you enjoyed this story as much as we did. We are always happy to share our best practices and help you achieve your goals with CRM. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We are here for you!

Avtek is the official distributor of FORD TRUCKS and the official dealer of MAZ, MTZ, SOLARIS, RASCO, KASSBOHRER, HIDRO-MAK, ERDEMLI, HYVA. It has been working on the Ukrainian market for over 20 years in the field of sales of cars, passenger transport, tractors, special equipment, additional attachments and spare parts. Provides warranty and post-warranty service at 18 official service stations throughout Ukraine.


“The main tasks that I planned to solve with the help of CRM implementation were to increase the transparency of sales management at all stages of the funnel, forecast revenue and ensure its effective growth. The project was divided into 2 stages:

  • Development of the sales process and the “planning account” algorithm with Indi Vision;
  • Implementation of the developed processes and algorithm based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

An algorithm developed and implemented with the help of the Indi Vision team has allowed us to fully translate the online sales management and forecasting process from March 2020.

This tool came in handy at the start of the quarantine and allowed the company to overcome this challenge with little or no stress. We are now exploring the possibility of further development of the system with greater integration of marketing and operational processes.


Sergey Kobylinsky, Director of Avtek, Modern Trucks
Sergey Kobylinsky, Director of Avtek, Modern Trucks

The implementation was accompanied by rather laborious training and testing of personnel, which made it possible to perform metric profiling of the team (data driven management), as well as develop new talents in the team with growth rates of + 300%. A new level of customer experience is our key priority, and now we actually have all the tools to make our customer service even deeper- Sergey Kobylinsky, Director of Avtek, Modern Trucks

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