Automated operational management of business.

The goal of the project is to automate the operational management of the business. That includes document flow, task and project management, order processing, customer interaction. 

Getting Things Done (GTD) is one of the world’s most popular personal productivity management systems, developed by David Allen and published in the book of the same name. Its main idea is to unload the brain from an overabundance of information. To put it very simply, the first step is to “unload” all tasks, even the most insignificant ones, the second is to specify the steps and actions, the third is to organize as tasks and “put” everything in its place, the fourth is to view and update tasks. Last but not least, the icing on the cake is to complete tasks without being distracted by organizing, finding materials and planning “Where to start?”. 

The constructiveness of the system allows several times to increase the productivity of the employee. At one time I was trained on this system. Thanks to her, I was able to significantly improve not only my productivity, but also the productivity of the whole team. 

Our main challenge was to automate the work of the client’s team in order to achieve synergy between the best GTD approaches and modern IT tools. 

After analyzing business processes and thanks to our experience with GTD, we were able not only to select tools that fit well with the modern concept of project management, but also to achieve significant progress in managing routine tasks thanks to robotization. 

The combination of two leading solutions in their fields, Microsoft Office 365 and GDT, improved the work of the client team, allowed generating new meanings for end clients. As a result, they received not only classic tools, but also ready-made IT productivity management practices right in their IT ecosystems. 

The automation of the educational component deserves special attention. It allows you to immerse the listener in learning in practice from the first lessons. Reflecting the principle of Learning by doing. At the same time, it perfectly solves the problems of inclusiveness and multilingualism. 

As a manager with 20 years of experience, I can say that the combination of Microsoft and GTD solutions is one of the best combinations for business. Even if you practice AGILE. Perhaps at one time, the developers of Outlook were inspired by the works of David Allen. Who knows? 

  Now GTD uses almost all cloud-based Office 365 tools, including Microsoft Teams, Delve, PowerAutomate, ToDo, Planner and others. 

Thanks to the commitment of the GTD team, we completed the project in a matter of weeks. 

But it would be wrong to call it complete, because almost every six months we dive into new ideas again and continue to help develop our client’s business. 

Getting Things Done – GTD in Ukraine – Certified Partner of David Allen. The only official provider of GTD® trainings in Ukraine. GTD® is a world-proven method for stress-free productivity. 

 Vyacheslav Sukhomlinov, GTD Managing Partner in Ukraine.    “It is impossible to work effectively in this project without a link connecting the communication between the head office and the partner, between the company and the client. The Microsoft Modern Workplace cloud ecosystem has become so holistic. This solution allowed us to reduce IT infrastructure maintenance costs and ensure ease of interaction between all business participants, which allowed us to provide our customers with an even better experience,” Vyacheslav Sukhomlinov, GTD Managing Partner in Ukraine.

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