How to avoid losing money due to the chaos of business processes?

Fast Track CRM

High consumer expectations require a different attitude from us. Today, consumers demand not only the quality of goods, but also certain emotions.

The first task for business is to find a tool to manage customer interaction, collect information and control your teams.

The second is the need to implement these systems and train the team.

And the third is the current situation, which requires quick and clear actions and careful treatment of your resources, both material and other.

This is where CRM comes in, a cloud-based business application platform that combines automated customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) components, as well as productivity applications and AI tools.

There is a perception that modern CRM systems are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to implement. Let’s try to refute this postulate by inviting you to get acquainted with FastTrack Dynamics CRM (ERP).

CRM (ERP) Fast Track for Microsoft Dynamics by Indi VisionFeatures of this system:
  • Fixed cost of realization
  • Deployed in 24 hours
  • Best world practices of business processes
  • Maintaining a catalog of goods and services
  • Automatic generation of invoices and orders
  • Work with requests
  • Global security standards
  • Modern mobile version
  • Scalability thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise release platform

The main idea behind this product was to give businesses the opportunity to get a ready-to-use product with minimal expenditure of the most valuable resource, time.

What is included in FastTrack Dynamics CRM:
  • Creating a database of customers and competitors
  • Sales management and planning
  • Maintaining a product catalog
  • Management of team activities
  • Marketing
  • Document approval and contract life cycle management
  • Dashboards with reports and tasks
  • Work with customer requests

And if all of the above hasn’t convinced you, we suggest you try a demo version, where you can try the system yourself and see what it can do. To get a trial version, please follow the link or write to us at

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Fast Track CRM
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