GPT chat in business. How it can be useful.

What is Chat GPT chatbot?

ChtaGPT-in-phoneChatGPT is a large language model trained on a neural network. The developer allows you to use ChatGPT directly on your website for free.

This chatbot is fundamentally different from similar developments because its answers are as close as possible to natural human responses.

Microsoft has invested several billion dollars in this project and integrated it into its Bing search engine. This technology is also used in office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

What can ChatGPT do?

The chatbot is capable of answering questions, generating texts, dialogues, writing scripts, short stories, poems, and other language tasks.

Chat GPT can be used to automate responses to social media users, generate texts for website pages, create resumes and cover letters for job offers, etc.

Benefits of a chatbot for business:

  • compare available information and give a conclusion;
  • create branches of customer interaction for chatbots
  • optimize business processes;
  • It can also be used for naming, writing slogans, and generating ideas for advertising materials based on keywords.

The wide range of features has attracted a lot of interest from businesses. According to some reports, ChatGPT can optimize up to 75% of routine tasks.

One example of how GPT can be used in business is automated customer support via chatbots. For example, imagine an electronics company using a chatbot on its website to interact with customers.

  • Answering customer questions: can automatically answer common customer questions such as product prices, store hours, product availability, etc;
  • Advice and recommendations: help customers choose products by providing recommendations based on their needs and preferences;
  • Problem and complaint resolution: can provide step-by-step instructions on how to resolve a problem or provide customer support contact information;
  • Feedback collection and analytics: collects feedback from customers and analyzes it so that the company can improve its products and services, and it can also provide analytical reports on popular questions, customer problems, etc.

You can try it out and help yourself to make your daily tasks easier.

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